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Golden Opportunity for Admission with Scholarship in Training Program on Mobile Apps Development for the eighth time with the aim of transforming the commercial city of Chittagong into a technology city.
The goal of the Vision 2025 of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is to transform the country into a digital Bangladesh. To further develop the ICT sector of the country so that most of the services can be provided through internet and digital media. There is also a purpose for the young generation of the country to work as a freelancer at home so that they can earn money. That is why the government arranges training of the youth in various ways which is a huge success today.
By 2025, the size of the global mobile application market will be around 900 billion US dollars. The current government's target is to bring 1% of its money to the country. To this end, the government has undertaken various development projects. But most Mobile Apps Development training is very expensive which is why many are not able to accept it despite their desire. Stamasoft (Chief Technical Officer), who has worked on various projects including LICT, App development and monetization, marketing and management of ICT DIVISION to make this program more dynamic by supporting this initiative of the government, has launched Mobile Apps for the 8th time at a very low cost. Has undertaken training programs. This includes teaching how to make money from Mobile Apps with scholarship benefits. Besides, various trainings will be given to most of the youths for employment in the high-tech park to be built in Chittagong. Usually the youth of Chittagong are deprived as most of such programs are Dhaka-centric.
For the talented young people of Chittagong, who want to build a career in the technology sector, we have been providing various facilities and guidelines for the last three years under Stamasoft Technologies. A number of our students from this platform have made remarkable progress in their careers and many of them are currently working in reputed IT firms at home and abroad.


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Scholarship Available - [ ONLY Chattogram zone]