Custom Mobile App Development
Custom mobile app development

Custom Mobile App Development

Stamasoft is an App development house that helps start-ups and corporations deliver on their product dreams.

About Us

Working with both agile and lean methodologies we deliver app solutions within time frames of several weeks. We can provide everything from MVPs to full working interfaces for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and iPod Touch), Android, Web and full backend stacks.


With over 2 years experience, nearly 40 mobile apps, 30s of mobile and responsive websites and around 10 full stack backend systems running in the cloud we can make a real difference to you; either in addition to an existing team or as your sole technical provider.


Our model always includes working in person from your offices to define the consumer experience (UI/UX) through to full delivery and testing in our development studio.


we have the ability to deliver world class work at competitive costs from our different world locations.

Our Team

Our multifaceted team of designers, producers, developers and testers share one mission: to deliver world class Mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and mobile websites that fulfill personal or corporate ambitions. For start-ups our work is your livelihood, and in the case of a corporation your next customer.

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Whilst we offer a range of individual services, clients that work with us from concept through to delivery gain the most value.


We have built 100s of apps and mobile websites in all recognized sectors; below are just a few to give you an idea. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out about other things we have done and how we can best help you.


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